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Mission Statement: ENA's mission is to provide visionary leadership for emergency nursing and emergency care.

Vision Statement: Defining the future of emergency nursing and emergency care through advocacy, expertise, innovation, and leadership.

Whatever it is that makes emergency nurses and other emergency care professionals work smarter information, education, networking, or representation they get it by joining ENA. We are a international, action-orientated organization ready to support the profession with access to important scientific information and the latest research; networking opportunities with key governmental, academic, and professional contacts; and monitoring of government activities affecting the profession.

Our members are staff nurses; ED nurse managers; administrators; clinical nurse specialists; pediatric, trauma, or flight nurses; pre-hospital coordinators; nurse practitioners; educators; and student nurses.

ENA's mission encompasses the following values:

1. All individuals have a right to quality emergency care delivered with compassion.

2. Respect for diversity of patients and colleagues is inherent to emergency nursing practice and emergency care.

3. Prevention of illness and injury and promotion of wellness are essential components of emergency nursing practice and emergency care.

4. The discipline of emergency nursing includes a defined and evolving body of knowledge based on research.

5. Continuing education and professional development are fundamental to emergency nursing practice and emergency care.

6. Emergency nursing practice is both independent and collaborative.


Code of Ethics

        The emergency nurse acts with compassion and respect for human dignity and the uniqueness of the individual.

        The emergency nurse maintains competence within, and accountability for, emergency nursing practice.

        The emergency nurse acts to protect the individual when health care and safety are threatened by incompetent, unethical or illegal practice.

        The emergency nurse exercises sound judgement in responsibility, delegating, and seeking consultation.

        The emergency nurse respects the individual's right to privacy and confidentiality.

        The emergency nurse works to improve public health and secure access to health care for all.

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